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Ontario Greenland Camp

Learn to roll and Greenlandic skills weekend.

OGC is a learn to roll and traditional paddling gathering "rolled" into one. Held at Killbear Provincial Park our decorated lineup of mentors will help you achieve anything from your first roll in a sea kayak to some of the advanced Greenland rolling techniques. Also at camp you will meet a likeminded awesome group of paddlers, throw harpoons, try Greenlandic rope gymnastics, build your own Greenland paddle and generally just have an awesome time. Our Greenland skills and rolling mentors come in all the way from B.C. and the US of A. Some even come from Parry Sound!

As we head into our seventh annual Ontario Greenland Camp we are excited to again host the event in Parry Sound and make use of our diverse body of water, Georgian Bay! This years event will take place at the stunning Killbear provincial park. At Killbear we can still have a nice sheltered bay for those looking to learn their first roll, but also are able to find lumpier waters for students wanting to learn paddling and rolling with a stick in conditions. We have a great lineup of instructors again and lots of fun planned.

We have an entire camping area and beach organized for our weekend of rolling fun. You'll bring your own tent and food for the event so we are able to reduce the price and make OGC available to more rollers. We'll have campfires roaring bring your guitar if you play and share a drink under the Georgian Bay Biosphere night sky.  

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Price: $250+hst




The final mentors list for 2016 is still being finalized. We can tell you that you will have an excellent blend of our usual suspects intermingled with a few new faces!

 Classes available:

  • Paddling with a stick (How to travel with a Greenland Paddle)
  • Beginner layback rolling (Completely new to rolling)
  • Intermediate layback rolls (Still working on your first roll)
  • Advanced layback rolls (Have a standard layback roll, time to work on crook of the elbow/behind the head/spine roll etc)
  • Beginner forward finishing rolls (Reverse sweep, continuous storm)
  • Advanced forward finishing rolls ( Storm roll, behind the head, sculling rolls)
  • Advanced norsaq and hand rolls (Forward finishing and aft finishing)
  • Beginner rolling in dynamic conditions (Introduction to using your roll in dynamic waters)
  • Advanced rolling in dynamic conditions (Going out for a rip in wind and waves and rolling!)
  • Harpoon throwing (We have targets. No Georgian Bay seals will be harmed and that is a promise)
  • Greenlandic rope gymnastics

What is included?

Not included:

  • A tent and camping gear
  • Meals for the weekend
  • A kayak (rentals are available during booking. $50 for the weekend)

Early Arrivals Friday Morning
Date: Friday 9th during the day.

Build your own Greenland Paddle with Tom!

Tom Froese will be running two build your own paddle clinics on Friday before the weekend. We are limited to six people for this, three builders in the morning and three in the afternoon. Tom can also run another paddle building workshop on Saturday morning during the event, let us know if you want this option.
$120 includes materials, tools, instruction and you have your own paddle ready for OGC on the weekend.
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(This booking link is just for the paddle building)

Ontario Greenland Camp 2016

Dates: Afternoon/evening of September 9 - September 11th 2016
Price: $250+hst
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Still have questions about taking a kayak rolling lesson or rental kayaks for OGC Feel free to contact 705-771-9555.

Guest Coaches

  • When he's not teaching on the water, Vince is up to his elbows in hot water teaching at a world-famous (okay, regionally famous) culinary arts institute. He enjoys kayak touring, camp cooking and sharing a laugh with his students. Hailing
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  • Santiago has been involved in sea kayaking since 2005 as a commercial guide, coach, instructor and committed paddler in personal expeditions. His paddles –literally- had taken him to coastlines far and away like the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico, the Inside Passage
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  • David Johnston has been introducing people to the sport of sea kayaking for the past 15 years. He is a senior instructor trainer with Paddle Canada and teaches for several paddling schools Ontario. He serves as the chair of the
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  • Costain taught canoeing and kayaking in the freshwaters of Ontario for a decade. He flirted with paddling on the west coast for a couple of years and now calls Victoria, BC home. A multifaceted teacher, Costain’s instructional experience ranges from
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  • Cheri competed in the Greenland National Kayaking Championships in both 2004 and 2005, in events ranging from rolling to individual and relay races, winning a dozen gold medals. She has won several rolling competitions in the United States and is
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  • Turner Wilson is a skinny sticker for 15 years, and one of those rare paddlers outside of Greenland who began paddling with a traditional blade, Turner has taught Greenland-style kayaking for 10 years, at several international kayaking symposia, including The
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  • Alec and Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin are paddlesport coaches from the Chicago area known for their playful and accessible coaching style. They are the owners of Have Kayaks, Will Travel, a paddlesport coaching business that organizes trips and  courses. Alec and Sharon
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  • Virginia has been paddling all her life and sea kayaking since 2005. She loves any kind of adventure on the water—whether it is surfing long boats, splashing down whitewater rivers, practicing a new roll or J-stroking across a quiet pond—but
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  • Instructor: Dympna Hayes Area of specialty: Paddle Canada  Level Two Instructor and Coach, PC L1 Instructor Trainer, I'm great at impromptu yoga classes on the rocks, I love women specific coaching, Greenland rolling for relaxation PC Skill Level: Paddle Canada
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  • James started kayaking as an 18 year old surf kayaker off the coast of the Isle of Wight, England. After immigrating to Canada in 2003 he transferred all of this surf skills into a sea kayak. His love of guiding kayaking
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  • Instructor: Craig Woodall Area of specialty: Introduction to Sea Kayaking and Level 1 PC Skill Level: Level 2 Skills Instructor/Trainer Level: Introduction to Sea Kayaking and Level 1 Instructor Other relevant certifications: Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC – Assistant overnight
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  • Instructor: Heather Stewart (smart ass Heather was going to answer… yes) Area of specialty: I love helping people find their connection to their kayak… Yoga for Paddlers is a great way to find how to move and “be one with the
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  • Instructor: Scott Rosborough Area of specialty:  Apparently I am good at teaching people their first Greenland rolls! I also love taking people out on trip toenjoy some good paddling and backcountry camping. PC Skill Level: Paddle Canada Level 2 skills Instructor/Trainer
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  • In the summer of 2009 I joined James and Dympna of Learn to Kayak for an intro to sea kayaking evening. We went through the basics and headed out for a leisurely paddle. At the end of the evening I
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  • Instructor:Brett Kril Area of specialty:Greenland – Rolling & Instructing Paddle Canada Level One courses PC Skill Level:SK3 Instructor/Trainer Level:SK1 This summer I will be:Level ones, Private Lessons (Rolling), Greenland Weekend Started kayaking:2004 My first Kayak:Perception Carolina 14.5 – Beauty! Favourite kayak:Most Valleys!
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  • Ian started paddling with a Greenland paddle because it was easier to make that than a kayak he was dreaming of.  He is currently a Level 2 Instructor, a Paddle Canada Rolling Instructor and has his PC Level 3 skills.  He really
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  •   Instructor: Jenn GerriorArea of specialty: Training new paddlers   PC Skill Level: Level 2 Skills   Instructor/Trainer Level: Level 1 Instructor   Other relevant certifications: Ships team diver for the Canadian Navy   This summer I will be: Teaching level 1 skills courses
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  • Jack has been immersed in the kayaking industry since he was 14 years old and is an honorary founder of Learn to Kayak Inc. Growing up in the Learn to Kayak family he has been paddling, rolling, tripping and teaching
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  • Instructor: Susan Vokey Area of specialty: Hmmmm..general paddling, camp culinary skills PC Skill Level/Instructor/Trainer Level: Level 3 Skills/Level One Instructor/You're kidding me, right? Other relevant certifications: Advanced Wilderness life support, good with knives and such This summer I will be: Instucting Level 1 skills and
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Participant Feedback

 I was very worried about tipping out of the boat and the rescue part but with their expert guidance and encouragement I’m very glad that I did it.