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Scott Rosborough

Instructor: Scott Rosborough

Area of specialty: 

Apparently I am good at teaching people their first Greenland rolls! I also love taking people out on trip to
enjoy some good paddling and backcountry camping.

PC Skill Level: Paddle Canada Level 2 skills

Instructor/Trainer Level: Introduction to Sea Kayaking and Level 1

Other relevant certifications: Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC – Assistant overnight guide, Advanced Wilderness First Aid, VHF Marine Operators Certificate.

This summer I will be: You will find me at most of the OSKC pool clinics throughout the winter and early spring and I am looking forward to the OSKC Greenland weekends this summer! You will also find me at Ontario Greenland Camp in September. I am currently planning for a two week backpacking trip to Sirmilik National Park off the north coast of Baffin Island this coming August so keep checking back as I am hoping to add more OSKC dates!

Started kayaking: 2008

My first Kayak: Valley Anas Acuta

Favourite kayak:  Currently the newest in my fleet, a Tahe Greenland OC

Favourite paddling spot: 
For its relative proximity to the Greater Toronto Area you cannot beat the Philip Edward Island region of Georgian Bay. Its multitude of islands, clear waters, granite campsites, abundant wildlife and incredible sunrises and sunsets make this an obvious favourite for a kayak trip.

Favorite thing to do in a Kayak:
Tripping is the reason why I originally got into kayaking and it remains my favourite thing to do in a kayak.  Whether it’s for a weekend or a multi-week expedition there’s something very rejuvenating about packing all you need into your boat and taking off to experience something other than your day-to-day life.

Best paddling experience: 
This is an easy one, my first time learning to surf off the west coast of Vancouver Island. I was pretty nervous when I felt a huge wave pick up my kayak but all I could hear in my head were the words of JF Marleau telling me to “trust the wave”, and so I did. I low-braced into that wave and rode it all the way into shore. The adrenaline rush of successfully doing something for the first time, especially something I was apprehensive about, was amazing!

Dream Paddling Trip: 
Anywhere in the Eastern Arctic! However the northern Labrador coast, the Oliver Sound region of Baffin Island and Alexandra Fiord region of Ellesmere Island are all high on the bucket list. That being said, any trip out with a good group of friends beats any day at work.

Shout-out to my paddling mentors: 
Each instructor that I have had the opportunity to work with has shown me something that I have taken back as a new/better/different way to do things and I appreciate every chance I get to work with different people. There are however several people who deserve specific mention: JF Marleau and Michael Pardy from are an incredible source of knowledge and wisdom when it comes to tripping and their paddling skills are inspiring to say the least; Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson from, what else do I need to say? I learned all I know about teaching Greenland rolling from working with these two masters (and otherwise fine human beings); and of course you would not be reading this page at all if it were not for the amazing Dympna Hayes and James Roberts!!!! Thank you all!

My day job: Chartered Accountant

Previous jobs: I worked in a meat department at a grocery store in high school. I found out then that handling raw chicken is best left to others.

Interests, hobbies, random skills: Some would say that I am obsessed with the Arctic, specifically the Eastern Arctic, but I prefer to say that it’s a passion. I feel very fortunate to have been on multi-week backpacking trips in Auyuittuq National Park on Baffin Island, Quttinirpaaq National Park on Ellesmere Island and in Expedition Fiord on Axel Heiberg Island. I have also spent 15 days kayaking the waters of East Greenland alongside immense icebergs. On these trips I have had the privilege to visit a number of Inuit communities and I have collected many Inuit soapstone, caribou antler and whale bone carvings and prints. I have also collected an abundance of rocks, bones, antlers and various other treasures that I have picked up off the tundra along the way.

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Participant Feedback

 I want to thank you again James for the teaching sessions this past Saturday and Sunday. I also appreciate your thoughtfulness to me and all of us.



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