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Paddle Canada Level 3 Skills Kayak Course. Rough water tripping

By the time students come back to us for this Paddle Canada Level 3 course they are usually already venturing competently on multi-day trips. Additional coaching in a more dynamic environment takes paddlers to the next level.

At OSKC we believe the best way to learn is by living the experience, taking the trip. This is a five-day kayaking adventure in challenging conditions.

Group members take turns leading and making decisions based upon weather and sea state along the way. Participants will work out solutions to possible scenarios as created by your kayak instructors in dynamic conditions.
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Skills learned on Paddle Canada Level 3 Skills kayak course

  • practical application of leadership and group management
  • risk management
  • good judgment and decision-making
  • general seamanship
  • knowledge and experience to take dynamic multi-day kayaking trips on the ocean
  • improved stroke technique and efficiency

Paddle Canada certification
Paddle Canada Level 3 Skills.

Prerequisites for this kayak course

  • well-developed strokes (efficient forward paddling, bracing, and the ability to flow strokes together)
  • confidence in waves and current
  • rolling and towing are necessary at this level

Your Paddle Canada Level 3 Instructors:

James Roberts

Dympna Hayes

3rd-7th October 2018


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We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our Paddle Canada kayak courses. Email or call 705-771-9555. 


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Participant Feedback

 A big thumbs up on your Level 1 kayak course. The two day event was worth every cent. I'm going to get far more enjoyment sooner out of my new boat because I took this course.


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