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Kayak courses and certification explained

What is Paddle Canada?

All of our instructors are Paddle Canada certified instructors. So what is Paddle Canada? Paddle Canada is a national certification sea kayak program. The program includes nationally recognized certifications in five skill levels, five Instructor levels, and four instructor-trainer Levels.

Paddle Canada certification skill levels begin with the "Basic Kayaking course"Basic Kayaking course" and progress to knowledge and skill development necessary for safe sea kayak touring along Canada's magnificent open sea coasts and freshwater shorelines.

Where do you fit in? Choosing the right kayak lesson

Paddle Canada Basic Kayaking You just beginning and would like to try out a kayak? Are you nervous, or do you plan to only kayak on inland lakes, at the cottage or down lazy rivers? You will learn the basics in this 8 hour day program.

Paddle Canada Level One Skills.
You plan on kayaking on any of the Great Lakes and like the idea of day trips, with the possibility of taking longer kayaking trips one day, begin instead with this weekend course.

Paddle Canada Level Two Skills 
You been kayaking for a while. You taken your Paddle Canada Level One certification or feel you may have equivalent skills and would like to be assessed? You would like to gain confidence with conditions more challenging than flat water? You are interested in improving campcraft and cooking skills on kayak trips? Then this could be the five day trip/course on Georgian Bay for you!

Paddle Canada Level Three Skills

By this level you know where you are at in the Paddle Canada system. You have the prerequisit of the Level 2 skills course and are ready to come out in more dynamic water packing all your own food and gear. You are ready for peer-to-peer paddling with opportunities to discuss and handle numerous scenarios that could be encountered while tripping in rough waters.

Weekend coaching clinics at OSKC

Learn to roll and Greenland Skills
Want to learn how to roll your kayak? Here at the Ontario Sea Kayak Centre, kayak rolling is our specialty. Whether you've never even tried or you’re working on some of the harder Greenland style rolls, we can help.

Basic Kayaking or Level 1 skills Course at OSKC in Parry Sound
Learn your Basic kayaking or level 1 skills during a relaxing weekend at Ontario Sea Kayak Centre in Parry Sound. Your instructor will work through the skills in a more intimate sized group with the chance for a day paddle on Georgian Bay on Sunday.


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 The course was great. The instructors were excellent and I learned a great deal.  I will definitely be back some day for level 2 and I will recommend Learn To Kayak to others.


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